Nishimachi Comupter Club Kids are making posters for Ganbare Tohoku.

We want as many people as possible to look at these posters that we made so please feel free to use them in your school!

My Poster for the Tohoku 01
MasakiO. Nishimachi International School

This is the psd. file. For this you would need Photoshop. On this file you can change things and make it your own. If you can, please show me your poster you made from this.

Japan_Ganbare_Poster.jpgThis is jpg. You can just print it out and use it.

By grade4 MasakiO.

My Poster for the Tohoku 02

ArisaK Nishimachi International School

UNICEF is doing a project sending books to Tohoku and Nishimachi International School participated in this program.
I want a lot of people to join this program and I made this poster so please use it at your schools.

PDF file, you can modify on the Illustrator or Photoshop,

And the file below is just jpeg file, printable.

Students in our school (BSGE) in New York City want to reach out and help. I have made brief modification to your poster to acknowledge that I will share your work with my students and invite them to join in. Their first goal will be to translate the Japanese. We have a few students in our school who can read Japanese, so this should not be too difficult. We'll see! We are on spring vacation right now, but will be back soon.

MasakiO. Nishimachi International School
Thanks for using my poster in your school. For the Japanese I can translate it for you. It says: Everybody, Let's Help Tohoku (The Northeast of Japan)! It doesn't need to be exactly
the same. You can change it how you like. Also I advise you to change the hands because it didn't turn out well. I am very excited to see the translated one of this.