Letters from grade 2 students to a former YIS student:

April 6, 2011

Dear Rachel,
I miss you so much! Are you comming back? I wish the earthquake didn't happen!! Do you remember when we hide into the table on friday? There are now two new boys in 2b!!! Their names are...Zi Yang and Theo!!!
Come back soon!!!!
Best frend forever,

April 6, 2011

Dear Rachel,
I miss you so much!!!
I didn't know that you were going back! Do you remember when the earthquake happened?? I wish it didn't happen. Are you going to come back to
Japan? I hope you do. What country are you in? Are you having fun? You and Stephen left YIS but two new boys came to our class.
I really miss you.
From Yuu

April 6, 2011

Dear Rachel,
We miss you so much!!! Are you having fun? I hope you do. Do you remember the earthquake? You are lucky because there are still earthquaks in Japan alot of other things also. I hope you are having fun at your school. I hope you will come to Japan and visit us!!!
Your friend,



When the Earthquake Happened
By Sujin:

A scary thing that happened last month was the biggest earthquake that I ever had. I don't want to feel that again because I was not with my family so I was worried about my family because my sister was in the school and my mother was with my friend's mother but I couldn’t know where she is! And I was in Minato no Mieru Oka park and my father was at his working place and my sister was playing with her friend and I was doing Grade 2 Team Time. There was my friend and me and Kalea and Pascal was there. It was so fun but the earthquake came so it was scary. The park was wiggling, but safely, everybody was safe! Then we met at school. That was a safe thing. I don't want to feel that earthquake again!

A Scary Thing
By Kalea:

Last month a scary thing happened. We had a big earthquake! It was the biggest earthquake we ever had. It was Grade 2 team time. I was with Miss Dear. My friends were there too: Pascale and Sujin and Phoebe, but there was other people there also. We were in Minato no Meiru Oka koen. We were doing rubbings in the park. We rubbed trees and money and cool things. I was with Pascale. She was walking, then she froze like a statue. I didn’t feel it but luckily Pascale knew. We ran to Ms. Dear. We went to the middle of the park. The water was going over the fountain, so it spilled. We were surprised. It was a long earthquake, but it stopped. I was happy that everyone was safe.

After the Earthquake
By Manami

I have not been able to go outside from Friday to Thursday. I am bord because I can't play outside! And my grandmother is working in my house so I have to play with my little sister Mari!!! After the earthquake I didn't go outside bicause the nuclear power plant disaster's air is poison!! I would be really scared when there is a poison thing like that!