Many cultures have created legends to explain why earthquakes happen. To see some of them, please click here.

Students then answered some questions about the legends. To see a sample, look below.

1) Which legends are similar and how are they similar?

Answer: The legend of Japan and east Africa are similar because they both involve the fish holding the earth.

Answer: India, West Africa, East Africa, and Central American. These say something or someone holds up the Earth.
2) Which ones are quite different from most of the others? How are they different?

Answer: I think one that is very different from others is the West African legend because most of them are because of humans, while as this one; we are more put as an accessory and have nothing to do with it.

Answer: Mozambique and Mexico. Mozambique is about human that make the earthquake but Mexico says that it is the devil or evil creature that makes the earthquake.

3) Which legend do you think is the best and why?

Answer: I think the best legend is the West African legend because unlike others, it’s very sweet.

Answer: Scandinavia. I liked this legend the best because it is very realistic even though the characters are not. Also I feel bad for Loki’s sister who is helping Loki because she is not the one who needs to get punished.

At ISSH, our grade 5 and 6 students wrote their own legends. You can read some of them below.

Ashita Kumar - Grade 6

Mother Earth is very sad. She is sad because of all the bad things humans are doing to her. They are doing things such as deforestation. When she sleeps, she twists and turns. That twisting and turning causes and earthquake.

Patriya - Grade 6

Earth was a young girl who lived on a planet on the verge of destruction. Because everyone suffered, she made a deal with a tricky genie, wanting to give everyone a better life. Suddenly, a ball of light to bright to explain exploded, and all the green plants, animals, lakes and valleys appeared, but the girl disappeared. Everyone named the planet after her, and the girl who turned into the planet looked after everybody. Not long later, the people began to grow and forget all about her, and people forgot the beauty of life, and all the things she gave them. The people built too many factories and began polluting the earth. Earth was mad, and made quakes to destroy them, and her tears washes it all away.

Amy Milner-Grade 5

Sometimes the planets in space like to have a party! When the music goes on, the Earth dances with all the other planets and shakes the countries on itself.

Erika - grade 5

In Erikantis two siblings Erika and Andrew hold the earth. When the two siblings fight, like all siblings do. Andrew (the evil and violent one) gets angry because he can’t outsmart his smart and gorgeous sister, he goes over to hit her, yet letting go of his hands causing the earth to shake.

Five Legends by Damin

1. Many gods own their own territory but there guardian who protects the border of each territory get into a fight and start kicking and punching the other territory. This is when the Earthquakes happen.

2. Many giants who holds up the earth, are not allowed to sleeps, but sometimes they doze off and the balance of the of the earth breaks. This is when the Earthquakes happen.

3. A god owns the planet Earth, but when his son Elko gets bored of playing with Jupiter, he shakes the planet Earth and this is when the Earthquake happens.

4. Long time ago, elephants hated humans so they tried to kill all the humans, because of that they got punished. For punishment, god killed the biggest elephant and cut off its four feet and put it as the pillar of the earth. Whenever Elephants try to save the elephant the leg shakes.

%. . Trees which holds up the earth sometimes rots of get week that It will break down. When tree breaks down the earthquakes occur.