Stories from 6C

By Emily:

On Friday, March, 11, 2011, I survived the 5th biggest earthquake in the world. We were in drama class, and we were practicing our dancing, when I first felt the shaking. At first I was like oh it’s just a normal earthquake, but I never feel it. But then it started to grow stronger, and then we had to huddle into the middle of the room, since we had no desks. I started crying, sobbing, I’ll admit it, but for me it was a shock. I lived in Japan for all my life and I never, ever felt anything like that. But my friends around me, they told me it’s okay, everything is going to be fine. But I was also worried about my mum, dad, and my brother. Then the PA system came on and Mr.Stanworth, the high school principle came on and told us what to do. When the earthquake calmed down, I didn’t, I just kept on crying, and shaking. But I recovered and started to practice the dancing again, and them, the earthquake happend again. We huddled in, once more and I cried a bit. Once that was done we still sat in the middle feeling the aftershocks. I cried some more because I wanted to contact my mum and dad. We tried on Mrs.Erickson iPhone, but I couldn’t reach my mum. Then we tried my dad’s mobile and it worked. He just wanted to know if I was okay, and such. Then the PA system came on again, and said if your parents aren’t picking you up then you can’t leave. I had to wait until around 4:45 until my mum came. I cried on and off, got mad, etc.

But in the end, everyone was fine.

By May:

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