Stories from 6B

By Thomas:

My class was in the art room when the ground started to shake.

At first we didn’t think much of it but then it got really really strong. We went under the tables and Mr. Stanworth on the intercom telling everyone to stay calm and be quiet. I was next to a big window from which I could see lots of smoke and a helicopter. We got back up from under the tables and started to work again but I was really worried about my parents in Tokyo. Then another big quake hit so we went back under the tables again. When it was time we ran from art to English class and we were lucky because soon after we were in the class room there was an aftershock so we went under the tables again. We spent the whole 45 minutes under the table reading.

I stayed at school along with everyone else in my class because parents needed to come and collect the students afterwards. Gradually more people left but I stayed at school because both my parents work in Tokyo. I stayed until past 7 o’clock when I managed to be home-stayed by a local family. I went to my house the next day and I was surprised that nothing broke. There are still lots of after shocks even three weeks later.

By Tuoko:

On March 11th, 2011, 2:46 pm there was a huge earthquake and a Tsunami that destroyed many places around Tohoku, becoming a historic event in Japan. I have never experienced such a terrible earthquake, and I was very surprised to hear that the strength of the earthquake was M9.0. I noticed that I shouldn’t panic, and it was better for everyone to stay as silent as possible. During the earthquake, most of the people felt sea sick, because of the strong shake. So, I have realized that if there wasn’t that huge earthquake, then Japan would have stayed peaceful and well off as it had been before.