Jena's thoughts:

I got to school on Friday and when it of was the end the day, we were sharing essays in groups. I was with 5 people. Then, I suddenly started feeling dizzy and sick. Just then, I realized my friend was shaking. I said, “ Juulia, Why are you shaking?” She just realized it too. Then, I found that it was a small earthquake. So, I was joking around and getting under the table.

My teacher saw me and said, “What are you doing?” “It’s an earthquake.” I said. Then, it started to get bigger. The speakers came on and told everyone to get under the tables. Luckily, I was already under a table. The clock fell down and I screamed. It was a big shock. I looked up and one of the teachers were still standing up. I was wondering, “Why is he still standing up? He is as normal as anything?” I was under the table with my friends. They were holding my hand. My heart was pumping so fast that I could hear it. My eyes were ready to start producing tears. I kept saying to myself, “Make it stop!! Make it stop!!” Then, gradually it got smaller and smaller and stopped. Everyone got out of under the tables and hugged each other. I even heard some people saying that they weren’t scared at all, but I think they were. Tears started running down my face because I was so happy that it was over. I ran down to see if my brother was ok. He was fine. I realized my friend was missing. I ran up to the classroom to find her. She was on the computer. She gasped and ran under the table. I didn’t know what was going on. Then, I felt it. It was an aftershock. We ran under the table. The speakers came on again and said to get under the tables. That night, the elementary school play was on. When the speakers came on, it said that the school play was canceled. I heard everyone go “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” The earthquake was the same as the last one. It got smaller and smaller and stopped. My friends’ mum came to pick us up. When we got home, we had a party.

I used to think that there will only be small earthquakes, but now I know that big and scary things can happen to me too. Now, I know to be prepared for big things to happen and they have got to happen sometimes.