The Day of the Quake by Dan

My story all starts when the class and I had made miso soup. ( At the garden) Then my Japanese teacher said, did you feel the earthquake? (I think he said it in Japanese) We all said, “No”. Then in a second we felt the earthquake. “Now we do!” we all said. Mr.Geddes said that we should all get in a huddle and on the way to the huddle, Ro fell flat on his face. Then after the huddle, we went to pack our bags.

I left school and walked to the bus stop where I met Shaun. It took longer than usual for the bus to come, but it eventually arrived. Soon after the bus left, bus the driver said that we can Only go to Yokoji Mae(よこじ前) (this was only 2 stops away from school) and when we got there, we all got off. I was with Shaun, Grace, and a 5th grade girl. We walked until Ueno machi (上の町) ( The stop after Yokoji Mae). Grace’s mom picked Grace up in her car and she offered all of us a ride to the train station so we all got in the car. I stopped at Yamate station. I said thank you to Grace’s mom and got out.

When I arrived at the train station it was empty except for a station master who told me that I couldn’t get on the train.

Then I sent an email on Gmail to my dad with the iPhone I had. I played a bit of games and then I got a message saying that he did’t have enough gasoline in his car to drive from Kamakura to collect me. He also said that he thought it would be to crowded on the streets because the trains stopped working and they had to go by car or walk. My dad also said that I should try to go back to school.

So then I thought about walking or staying. I decided to walk however I quickly realized that I had gotten myself lost. I panicked a little tiny bit, but then I remembered that my dad had taught me how to use my iPhone map application. My iPhone was on about 18% battery or something so I thought I better be careful not to use it too much. I started to find my way back to school. I was at Ueno machi and that was when the iPhone was about somewhere around 8-11 %. Then I was at Saint Maur and there it was 7 %. I didn’t have to use the iPhone anymore because I knew my way from there, strangely when I got to YIS, it lowered by 1% and then it was 6%. It was dark when I got back to school and I realized I had been walking for nearly 3 hours.

When I walked into YIS I felt safe, I saw Mr Geddes and the first words I could say were “I have 6% battery left”, Mr Geddes said, “Dan you are a legend!”

When I was at YIS, Mr.Farrell had an iPhone charger so I used his. At YIS, they had movies, computer, and even pizza! Even the lights were on! YIS probably had an extra charger for that. Then people started going to other peoples houses, finally there were about 8 people left, including me. There were 3 teachers. I went to Mr. Reynolds house with 2 other people. (Seiya and Aska) Mr. Reynolds had tons of snacks. He had a daughter and a son. They had a dog. It scared me a bit but Mr. Reynolds said it was super friendly. Once he told me that, I understood that a dog’s bark was a sign of happiness. They had to put in a fence though because whenever it ran at me, I was still scared. We had snacks and then went to sleep. Aska had to sleep in the other room because he had a pollen allergy and there was flowers at Mr. Reynolds house. Another reason was because of the pollen, he was sneezing very loud. Then next morning, we played computer games until one of the parents called for their child. Then they all came, I was last to be picked up. I saw my mother and I told her my story while we travelled home on the train, I was very happy to see her again. Then when we got home, my little brother Jack was mad because he wasn’t able to use the iPhone all night because I had it!