Stories from 3L

Amelia's Story:

April 11 Monday when I arrived at my house I immediately did the mad money game for home learning it was really fun. You had to choose something that you want to buy badly out of the four choices they had. I chose the cheapest one they had which was the DVD it cost $30,000. I only had 31 days to buy what I needed to buy and the DVD. That would be a lot of money that I needed. When I was playing it I thought WOW ! The days go very fast it is just like time ticking away as fast as cheetahs running after their prey.

But then at 5:20 with time ticking so fast an earthquake appeared out of nowhere. I had to get under a table but then I would lose the game but safety was better so I went under a table. The earthquake was really big. My little brother Ryan was so scared he ran towards me crying and started to hug me tightly. Repeatedly I said to stay calm. Finally the huge earthquake came to a halt. Everyone was so relieved that it was over. Got out from the table and still having hope that I had time left I went to the computer to find out … that it was game over.